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Global Energy Ventures in Ghana becomes GRO Oilfield Alliance Ghana after successful incorporation with Ghanaian JV partner RigWorld International Services in accordance with Ghanaian Petroleum Regulations (LI2204)

An agreement has been reached between Global Energy Ventures (GEV Ghana) and Ghanaian based RigWorld International Services to join forces to create GRO Oilfield Alliance Ghana Limited. This Joint Venture brings together both companies who have very complimentary offerings and the same core principles of offering clients world class services, delivered locally in Ghana.

CEO of Global Energy Ventures, Ben Stanley, stated, ‘We can’t wait to get working with RigWorld in what will be a very exciting development for our company in Ghana. Our joint venture will open a greater pipeline of opportunities for us to offer our wider portfolio of services to new and existing clients.’

Global Energy Ventures (GEV Ghana) have been serving clients in Ghana since 2008.