Global Energy Ventures have made a significant investment in developing a very strong and well experienced lifting team from our Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana and Senegalese operations to serve our clients in West Africa.  We combine a mix of local employees, certified by LEEA, with highly qualified supervisors to provide an offering to clients that gives an extensive range of competitive, lifting related services.

Many of our lifting team are also IRATA qualified allowing them to offer rope access lifting inspection services.

Included amongst the extensive range of lifting related services we provide are:

  • Periodic loose lifting gear inspections provided onshore and offshore
  • Load tests
  • Inspection and certification of offshore Pedestal Cranes
  • CCU inspection to DNV 2.7-1
  • Flare boom hanging
  • Wire rope sling manufacture
  • Hydraulic pad eye testing
  • General inspections from our LEEA qualified lifting team
  • Lifting equipment rental including:
  • – Rigging loft
  • – Water bags and load cells
  • – Loose lifting gear – slings and shackles

We also offer a world wide service for most of the services listed above.

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