When the Sea Water Injection motors started to fail on one of our clients FPSO’s offshore Ghana, there was a big debate on how to go about replacing the huge 17t motors, which are critical to maintaining production.

As there were no cranes on this part of the vessel, one very expensive solution was to float a crane barge along side and attempt to remove each motor.  However with the dynamic roll of the sea, this was deemed far too risky and expensive.

Following consultation with Global Energy Ventures rigging personnel, the client decided to opt for an innovative scaffolding solution.  Global Energy Ventures were contracted to design, supply and erect a load bearing scaffolding structure to remove one of the motors using runway beams attached to the scaffolding.

After successful completion of the removal of the first motor, the client then asked Global Energy Ventures to extend the structure whilst it was in place and replace the remaining 2 motors as they were also failing intermittently.

Despite the complexity of the lift, which compensated for the dynamic effects of the vertical and horizontal mass, the project was a huge success and was completed in under 14 weeks.

Global Energy Ventures project managed all elements of the workscope, covering:

  • Design and supply of load bearing scaffolding equipment
  • Load testing, lifting services and all rigging activities
  • Provision of Advanced CISRS scaffolding crew
  • Provision of OPITO approved rigging crew