There are many parallels between the Oil and Gas and the Mining sectors in West Africa. In the last decade both industries have seen significant investment and an increase in exploration.

Mining shares many of the same requirements for skills, infrastructure and assets as the Oil & Gas sector, and therefore Global Energy Ventures is ideally placed to provide these having originally established a reputation for excellence in this sector.

GEV can assist with lifting and rigging operations, asset inspection and maintenance, fabrication and construction, and manpower. Furthermore with our excellent industry relationships and local knowledge we are able to offer clients entering new markets additional support and assistance in this challenging region.

Global Energy Ventures boast one of the largest and most skilled manpower databases in West Africa. We have been employing and training local and expatriate personnel since we first entered this market, and are justly proud of the quality of candidates we attract.

This candidate database is now available to our clients and covers a wide range of specialist and skilled disciplines.

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